Sunday, June 9, 2013

Heart's Content

Summer days call for little projects, 

that can be carried around and worked on,

 in the here, and there,  and the in-between of everything else.

 Flowers can bloom...

where ever you find yourself,

 and grow and grow,

to your heart's content!



  1. Those hearts are just beautiful.

  2. I love your little patchy floral hearts. Very comforting to look at.

  3. These are beautiful. Such a good idea for those little moments :)

  4. Absolutely lovely–gorgeous colours!

  5. And no weeds or bugs in these tiny gardens of beauty.
    Very sweet, makes me want to touch them.

    Happy Sewing

  6. It's been said before, but I'll say it again, these are beautiful. They remind me of a little stuffed burlap cat, many times patched and repaired, that my mom used to carry in the 1930s. Thanks and take care, Byrd

  7. Thanks to each of you. Byrd, that is such a sweet image. I carried and loved a stuffed bunny for many years, and watched my children love her, too. All of that loving left her threadbare, patched and repaired as well... which just makes her all the more beautiful and special to me. She sits in a chair now, looking out of the window, enjoying her golden years and hoping, one day, for a new generation of children.

  8. I love these Vic, they're so charming. The colours are really gentle and they just look so loved! (PS I hope you don't mind 'Vic'? It's what we call my sister Victoria :) ) x

  9. Hi Stephie! Absolutely Ok! Everyone in my family and most of my friends call me Vic. i am very comfortable with it!

  10. Yes I do!
    Please see my shop link at the top of this blog. :)

  11. I am not at all sure how I found you, but I am so grateful. Your words and your creations are so encouraging and REAL. Thank you. I look forward to spending many moments here.

  12. Ellen, thank you so much for such lovely words.
    Deeply, deeply, appreciated!

  13. Hello, I've been following your blog for a while now and really love your work, particularly your quilts which are beautiful, but I've never left a comment before. I'm leaving one now because I have just started writing a craft/patchwork blog myself and featured one of your quilts in it that inspired me, I included a link to you and told anyone who happens to read my words how wonderful your work is so I hope that's OK! But I just wanted to check? It's here if you want to make sure you're happy with it:
    Thank you for all you share on your blog, Sally.

  14. Hi Sally, You betcha that's OK and thank you very much!
    Best wishes on your new blogging venture!! :)


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